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Travel Notes

Travel Notes is a translation of Notatki z podrozy by Stefan Nesterowicz.  In 1909 Stefan Nesterowicz was sent as an agent by the weekly Ameryki-Echa (Echoes of America) to the south and southwest of the United States to visit Polish settlements. He published his writings as Notatki z Podrozy in the next year. His journey covered four states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Nesterowicz’s original Polish version and the English translation by Marion Moore Coleman (1969) have been out of print for many years.
The Board of Directors of the Polish Genealogical Society of Texas began the journey to bring this all important work of Stefan Nesterowicz to the forefront of our society. After exploring several avenues with concerns of copyright, it was decided to turn to linguist, Elizabeth McNeilly, for a new beginning with an original translation. Photographs included only in the 1910 publication have been extracted, enhanced and included in this new book.
This fascinating translation will be available on November 11, 2007. The cost per book is $17.95; Texas residents must include $1.48 sales tax. Postage and handling: $3.50 for one book or $4.50 for two. Reserve your copy by sending in the order blank below. Make your checks payable to: PGST.
Mail to: PGST, PO Box 3535, Bryan, TX 77805-3535.


Polish Footprints

Polish Footprints is the award-winning periodical of the Polish Genealogical Society of Texas.  Published two times a year (Spring and Fall), Polish Footprints contains articles to assist Texas and Polish research as well as general genealogical research. Books reviews and activities of other societies are announced. Various topics helpful to the researcher of Polish ancestors are also published.
Special editions of Polish Footprints provide in-depth coverage for a significant Polish area or community. PGST has published the following Special Editions:
  • Bryan, Brazos County, Texas; Winter 1992
  • Poles of Grimes County, Texas; Fall 1993
  • Polish Heritage of Montgomery & Walker County, Texas; Winter 94
  • The Poles of Washington County, Texas; July 1996
  • Cestohowa, Karnes County, Texas; Nov 1998
  • Karnes County, Texas; Spring 1999
  • Poles of Robertson County, Texas; Nov 1999 & Summer 2000
  • Poles of Bexar County; Summer 2001 & Summer 2002
  • Bandera County, Texas; Summer 2005
  • Austin County, Texas; Spring 2011
Current issues of Polish Footprints are sent to all members. The cost of these issues is included in the membership fee. A limited number of back issues are available from Summer 1984 to present. All Special Editions listed above can be purchased separately. Inquire at PGST Back Issues for price on back issues and Special Editions.
Periodicals of the Polish Genealigical Society of Texas, Vol. 1 (1984-2008)
EVERY periodical the PGST published before 2009 is now available in digital format. This covers 1984 through 2008, including special editions. Also included is a Table of Contents listing each periodical and the Surname Index for 2008-2009.
Available in DVD-ROM (1) or CD-ROM (4)
PGST is offering this for a special price of $50.00 in the format of your choice. This is a substantial savings when you consider that a hard copy of each periodical cost $6.00 or more and the Special Editions cost $14.00 each.
Download periodicals DVD/CD order form.
A database search of names mentioned in our periodicals is also available.
To inquire about Polish Footprints or to submit an article for publication, please send email to the Footprints Committee.  Articles will be printed upon availability of space.  Deadlines for submission of articles are:
  • Spring - February 1st
  • Fall - August 1st

Surname Index

A Surname Index is available on-line. Use this searchable index to find others researching similar ancestral lines. Included is contact information, surnames being researched, ancestral origins, year of immigration and where settled in the U.S.
Search PGST.org

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